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Real estate agents have one of the most multi-facets jobs, their main duty is to sell, rent to buy properties for their clients. They need to have a good knowledge about the real estate market and they should know the complete local market, especially where they are working. Their main goal is to provide their client with one of the best deals on the properties, which their organizations possess while they have to meet the demands of the clients. They need to possess excellent communication skills, because most of their job is talking to people almost every day. One of the main responsibilities of a real estate agent is talking to their potential clients and knowing what kind of property they want. This is done to check if the organization can properly fulfill their demands.

Sometimes the real estate agents will have to promote the properties for sale. For this, they mainly have to make sure that the house, which they are selling does not need any kind of repairing, counseling for the existing home owners on how they must increase the appeal of their home, checking with the home inspectors if there are any kind of issues with the house or not. These individuals also act as mediators between the sellers and buyers. Whenever there is an agreement made between any two parties, then real estate agents have to prepare the legal documents for closing the deal and selling the property to the client.

Real estate agents also have to compare the properties, which are similar and up for sale just to make sure that they have got the competitive edge in the market. They must also know about the undeveloped properties that exist in the market and make them sellable as per the market conditions. Becoming a real estate agent can be a little tough because of the increased competition in the market today. If you have the qualities, then all you need is a covering letter, to exhibit those qualities. Below you will

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find an example real estate agent cover letter that you can use for writing your own letter.

Sample Real Estate Agent Cover Letter

Olivia Freeze 1391 Bassell Avenue. Little Rock, AR72211 501-753-5288

January 4, 2011

Ms. Dennis Medina Villa Real Estate Groups, 2042 George Avenue,

Gosport, AL36482

Dear Ms. Medina,

Re: Real Estate Agent Position

I would request you to accept this application and find my enclosed resume as my application for the job position of Real Estate Agent at Villa Real Estate Groups. Currently, I am working under the same profile and have got strong background in marketing and sales.

My interest and enthusiasm in the property market has got me to change my career and pursue my dream of working with the real estate industry. My vast experience with Yellow Farm Estate Agents has added even more fuel for my passion, and has given me tremendous understanding and knowledge about the property market, and especially in the residential sector.

Working with Yellow Farm Estate Agents, initially as a real estate sales assistant and then I became the real estate agent after completing my Certificate IV in the property sector, I have constantly garnered a strong track record only in sales along with my growing client base and superior sales figures.

I have a keen eye for finding opportunities inside the market and this can easily be coupled with my knowledge about the legal requirements and market trends, which has contributed to my strong sales history, which is easily reflected in my trust and confidence that clients have in me.

My experience in marketing has provided me with sales acumen for succeeding in the industry of real estate. My experience in marketing has fine-tuned my communication skills and I am aware that these skills are essential in real estate industry.

To sum it, I am an adaptable and hardworking employee. You can find my attached resume and I await a reply from you.

Sincerely, Olivia Freeze

Your Singnature

Enclosure: Resume

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