Who is Majek Fashek?

Did you hear about notorious reggae musician? You can find all the information about great performer in the article below.

Majek Fashek is Nigerian guitarist and performer of reggae. He cooperated with the largest stars of world scene. Let's learn about his achievements and destiny.

Who is Majek Fashek

How old is Majek Fashek?

Majek Fashek’s age is still unknown. People don’t know his date of birth. Parents tell different information about this date. Subsequently Majek began to say that date of his birth is February 6. This day the famous musician Bob Marley was born.

How old is Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek biography

The birthplace of Fashek is Benin. After divorce of his parents, the musician lived in Lagos with father. When the boy was 10, his father died and he used to live with mother. After that he began to visit church choir. He wrote songs for it and played the trumpet and guitar. Musical career of the artist began in the eightieth. He created group and made a small trip on local states. The collective executed reggae.

Majek Fashek biography

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In 1988, the group was disbanded. Fashek took a solo pseudonym and concluded the single contract with recording studio. Majek Fashek songs have quickly gained popularity. The singer began to be called one of the chief performers of reggae. His hit ‘Send Down The

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Rain’ was recognized as the most popular song of the year. He also became the owner of four PMAN awards. In 1989, the second studio album was created.

Where is Majek Fashek Now

In 1990, he concluded the contract with CBS Nigeria to release a new album. In 1992, he cooperated with David Letterman. The singer has acted before television audiences for the first time. He has written the song especially for it. In 1994, the collection from the best hits was created. Majek Fashek has stepped on international reggae stage, having become one of the most famous performers of this genre.

Majek Fashek

Where is Majek Fashek Now?

Unfortunately, the destiny of the singer has developed sadly. Recently he was noticed in one of the districts of Lagos. He looked very sick and unrecognizable. Many sources say that the musician is mentally unhealthy. Some people saw him with guitar in hands and cigarette in a mouth. The lost-weight Majek muttered strange unclear words.

Where is Majek Fashek Now 1

Obviously, Fashek needs serious help. He constantly drinks and puts up fights. Alcohol, marijuana and cocaine became the main reasons of condition of the musician.

Admirers worry about his life very much. They hope that their favorite musician will be able to be rehabilitated. In other case, Nigeria will lose big talent.

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