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ITT Capstone - The final course all students must pass in order to receive their degrees.  The capstone course is kind of like the final of a regular course, but instead of it being a test at the end, the whole course is one long test. The first day students are given a packet with a made up scenario that they need to create a network for. I have heard rumors that there are projects available at other schools that are up to date, but at my school they use the same one year after year. This allows students to do searches for ITT Capstone, or CNS Capstone, and find a good number of pages with completed capstones ready to go. Which I am sure no one reading this now is doing. Anyway, what is really impressive about this class is that it is supposed to be super important.  Students are always nervous giving their presentations, and the thought of failing and not graduating is there; then everyone passes and graduates, even if they did next to nothing.

Lets take my capstone for instance. A normal capstone group is around four people, my capstone group had eight people. This in theory should be a good thing, lots of people to do research = awesome results, right? Now the fun begins...

Bob #1:

This person came to class for about 20 minutes ever other day, sometimes every two days. This alone should have failed him, luckily ITT's grading system is a bit off.  He never turned in any work until the final week of class, and the work he did turn in was wrong and stolen from online.  I had seen the same work multiple times on the first page of google images. He didn't change a thing, just cropped out the other students names.
--This student passed. 

Bob #2:

This person owned a mac, and for weeks couldn't figure out how to open the word docs all the other students were sharing with each other.  That's

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right, an IT student about to graduate couldn't open a word doc.  To make it worse he didn't even tell anyone that he couldn't read anything we were sharing until the 6th week!--This student passed.

Bob #3:

The only thing this person had to do was the budget, which happens every capstone.  The laziest, stupidest person can always be found doing the budget. This person did the budget on a piece of paper, did all the math with a calculator, then transferred it to a spreadsheet.  This took him the entire quarter to do, the math he did was wrong, and to this day I can't figure out why he didn't just let excel do the math for him.  Insert data, insert function to add up the rows, done. -- This student passed.

Seeing a pattern here?

Students did almost no work, or work that has nothing to do with networking, or straight up stole other peoples work....  and - still - passed. These students now share a degree with me and are out there, looking for jobs, interviewing with companies, ruining the chances for other students to get interviews.  How many brain dead IT students from ITT Tech does it take before the human resources person ignores people with ITT on their resume? Assuming you made it this far down, congrats, there was a lot of ranting here.  I also assume you may be interested in seeing the final result of our capstone project.  So here are the final files (power point and documentation) for the cns capstone of the TTI network.

Update! The files were broken temporarily, I have re-uploaded them for your viewing pleasure.

Power Point  -  Documentation

Keep in mind the only reason it looks this good is 100% because of me, I spent hours cleaning up most peoples slides and researching their information. And as I said, this network is terrible and would not ever actually work, and it contains flat out wrong schematics.  

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