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The Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is the graduate admission test for certain programs in the College of Professional Studies and Advancement at National Louis University. Faculty of the respective graduate degree programs determine the score level for admission. Results of the test, which include a raw score and a percentile rank, are reported to the student and to Admissions.

The Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is a 50- minute timed 80-item test that measures the student's ability to draw inferences, recognize assumptions, engage in deductive reasoning and evaluate arguments. The exercises include problems, statements, arguments, interpretations, and data similar to those that are encountered on a daily basis at work, in the classroom, and in newspaper and magazine articles.

Students will receive their results by email within

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two to three business days.

Cost: $55.00, which will be applied to students’ accounts once their scores have been processed. Payment is not needed on day of test.

Students should bring: Photo ID

Preparation Materials and Info: The Watson-Glaser is a measure of cognitive ability. This means that preparation is limited. The best way to be prepared is to come to the assessment focused, rested, and engaged.

The assessment itself is made up of several short passages and 80 questions. The assessment measures one’s skills in thinking, reasoning, and intelligence. The questions measure one’s ability to understand:

  • a strong versus a weak argument
  • relevant versus irrelevant data
  • whether or not a conclusion follows from given data
  • whether or not there is sufficient information to make a conclusion
  • what assumptions were made

Watson-Glaser example questions (PDF)

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