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ORA contains a growing collection of digital copies of successful Oxford theses submitted as part of research degree awards. The full content of as many theses as possible are made freely available to be accessed via the Internet. They should be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use.  

If you are unable to find the thesis you want in ORA, please see: www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/finding-resources/theses/theses#locating

D.Phil., M.Litt., and M.Sc.(by Research)

The University of Oxford is committed to the widest dissemination of research theses produced by its graduate students. Students following D.Phil., M.Litt. and M.Sc.(by Research) programmes and registered [1] from 1st October 2007, are required to deposit a hardbound and a digital copy of their thesis with the Bodleian Libraries. The digital copy should be deposited in the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA). ORA provides high visibility and digital preservation for Oxford digital theses. Students should read important information about the deposit of and access to digital theses which is available on this website. Please contact ORA@bodleian.ox.ac.uk if you require further information or have any queries regarding deposit of your digital thesis.

See the flowchart which describes the thesis writing and submission process.  

[1] The date of enrolment on which the student commenced this programme. If progressing from a master's to a doctoral programme it is the date the student started the new doctorate research programme

Other programmes

Students on other postgraduate programmes are invited to submit a copy of their thesis to ORA. See the list of eligible programmes.

Depositing your thesis in ORA

  1. You should have been granted leave to supplicate before depositing the digital copy of your thesis
  2. Deposit the digital copy in the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) and click on 'Deposit.' You will need your Oxford username and password (also known as WebLearn/WebAuth/SingleSignOn password) in order to deposit your thesis. If your Oxford username and password has expired and you wish to deposit a digital copy of your thesis in ORA, please contact us at ORA@bodleian.ox.ac.uk to arrange a password for deposit, stating your name, type of degree, year of award, your Oxford academic department at the time of your award and the title of your thesis. Once issued with this username and password, you should deposit your thesis online at archive.sers.ox.ac.uk/cgi-bin/alumni/submit.cgi
  3. Copyright in the thesis usually rests with the author: this does not change when you deposit your thesis in ORA. No ownership is assumed by the Bodleian Libraries over the work. However, for content included in your thesis where copyright is held by a third party, you MUST ensure that you have permission from copyright holders before making it freely available on the internet via ORA. Further information is available here.
  4. You must ensure that you comply with permissions for access to content in your thesis for any material covered by

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    intellectual property rights (such as patentable, sensitive, commercially restricted material etc). 

  5. Restricting access to your digital thesis in ORA:

i) Enforced embargo. Includes: material for which the author does not hold copyright (third party copyright) and where permission has not been granted to the author to distribute that material via the Internet; where there is an agreement with for example, a commercial company or individual person, that material will not be released; other IPR reason or rights infringement where material cannot be made freely available via the Internet. Please see information on sensitive content and patient consent.

ii) At author's request for reasons such as: concerns about pre-publication of a future monograph or other publication; material which is patentable and therefore should not be released; sensitive material.

  • Theses are subject to a default 3 year embargo. The Divisions strongly support open access to theses produced by their students. However, during this period whilst both authors and publishers adapt to open access, the Divisions have agreed that by default, access to the full text of digital theses will be restricted for three years. Authors should indicate as such on the ORA online deposit form. Students need not formally apply for restricted access using form GSO3C to set this embargo. Authors can choose to override this default and make their thesis open access either at deposit or at any time during the three year embargo. Students who wish to make their thesis freely available on deposit or before the end of the three years should indicate as such on form GSO3A and on the online ORA deposit form. However, if your thesis contains sensitive or copyright information such that it should be subject to dispensation from consultation beyond the end of the embargo, you should apply for dispensation using form GSO3C.
  • Students following programmes which are eligible for voluntary deposit in ORA should not make sensitive material publicly available, but do not have to apply for formal dispensation from consultation.
6.You should deposit two copies of your digital thesis in ORA. Both copies should include all corrections as in the final passed version of the thesis. Please see information on Preparing your thesis for instructions how to restrict access to parts of your thesis.

i) the original source file with no security settings for the purpose of preservation. This copy will not be made freely available. This copy should be identical to the print copy.

ii) a PDF (PDF/A preferred) copy (which may have security settings and embargoed material) for distribution. This copy will be made freely available (if not under embargo).

7. Non-Roman characters and diacritics should be Unicode compliant. See ox.libguides.com/digitaltheses/fonts_images for more information.

For more information see pages on this website. Please contact ORA@bodleian.ox.ac.uk if you require further information or have any queries regarding deposit of your digital thesis.

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