Buy Nothing Day Essay

“Buy Nothing Day” though not known worldwide, should be. Much like “Earth Day”, “Buy nothing Day” is a way of preserving and limiting ourselves into being a more sustainable community. The first “buy Nothing Day’ in 1992 was the start of a brand new revolution, starting in Canada, slowly moving outward. As Americans, we are the most wasteful and unforgiving when it comes to the environment and the way it is treated. By embarking on this new day, we are helping change ourselves in creating a healthier, more efficient lifestyle.             

Being an American, we feel the most important things to us, are often those given to us, items. Our phones, computers and clothing portray who we are as a society, and without it we lose our identity; but could be lose it and perhaps change our identities for the better? Yes, if America was to adopt “Buy Nothing Day” an opposite to the ever so popular “Black Friday” we could save millions of dollars on oil alone. By going out, shopping we burn gas, we burn oil in the production of products and yet we still complain about how we are so close to the end. If we had a special holiday devoted to this idea, we could see extraordinary changes in the economy, not only would Americans save pocket money, we could save grief. Shopping is

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an extremely stressful, drab task, yet we all do it. Why not spend a day with the family, outside playing in the sun or just spending time on your own. We somehow always feel we are missing something and search our nearest shopping malls for the answers.

“Buy Nothing Day” can be seen as an economic burden to its critics. Think about it this way, an entire day, stores do not make money. This will create an immense drop in our markets. The value of a US dollar would dwindle each moment a store overstocks its shelves. We often do not realize that something fighting for something so innocent, a stable future could in turn hurt us so badly. A world wide “Buy Nothing Day” could slowly crush the economy and should be reevaluated.                 

A worldwide “Buy Nothing Day” could definitely strengthen our future… if it is done correctly. In order to be a positive outcome, wed need to look at its effects. If it happens, what will we need to change? Stores will need to limit what they order much like they know when to overstock during Christmas time. Stores order less, sell less then don’t lose or gain much profit. This will slowly decrease debt in our pockets and set us up for a more able and stable community in the future to come.

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