German - free worksheets for German verbs and vocabulary, English-German + German-English

Welcome to the GERMAN area at Project HappyChild. Thanks to the translation (and checking) help currently being provided by people across the world (all giving their time and expertise entirely free of charge) we are in the process of building a *huge* area of free translation worksheets for children and students to use, across an increasing range of languages.

We're delighted to say that the German vocabulary worksheets went on line on 24th July 2008. Our heartfelt thanks for all their hard work over the last couple of years go to Cornelia Bullen-Smith (translating) and Rosa Ramdour (checking) who have provided the German content for the worksheets now linked below.

Areas covered include: food and drink, your home, garden, family, the human body [everything from the body's inner systems to hair, make-up and clothing], animals, birds and insects [including animal sounds], travel,

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holidays and sightseeing, cars and driving, tools and equipment, or school, office, sports and leisure, shopping, trees, countryside and general chit-chat. All in easy-to-manage blocks, each with about 10 new words or phrases.

The German verb worksheets are also linked from the huge table below - available on line on 08.08.08. Our thanks again to Rosa and Cornelia without whose hard work this would not have been possible.

The verb names (column down the middle) take you to the index for that verb, and the numbered columns take you to the individual tenses (column 1 is present tense, etc.).

Additional offers of translating help for further dual-language worksheets - see the Translators' page - would be very much appreciated.

Special thanks go to Mario Becroft in New Zealand, for all the
programming work which has made this resource possible.

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