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SWOT Analysis: The next step in your marketing plan is the development of a SWOT analysis, an examination of your competition environment, and a cataloging of the primary product-service mix of your destination. Refer back to pages 171-172 of the textbook. As you read through the questions, you will want to replace the terms “operation” and “organization” with “destination”. B. SWOT Analysis 1. Strengths…….What are the internal strengths of the destination? What does the destination do well? Etc.

The research you did in Unit II and Unit III should assist you. Another interesting source for information would be to take a look at sites which have reviews such as, ,http://www.virtualtourist.comor other site you use or find. There seems to be a limitless supply of review sites. These reviews will provide an interesting view of the destination along with its hotels, restaurants and attractions. Write at least 200-300 words, and briefly address each step in this analysis and answer the appropriate questions.

Reid, R. D., & Bojanic, D. C. (2010).  Hospitality marketing management  (5th ed., Pg. 170-173, 177-178). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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SWOT xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx step xx your xxxxxxxxx xxxx is xxx xxxxxxxxxxx of x SWOT xxxxxxxxx xx examination xx your xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and x xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx product-service xxx of xxxx destination. xxxxx xxxx xx pages 171-172 xx xxx textbook. xx xxx read xxxxxxx the questions, you will xxxx to xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx “xxxxxxxxx” xxx “organization” xxxx “xxxxxxxxxxx”x � xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx �Strengths

xxx xxxxxxx is x xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx immersed in xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx from Africa, the xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxx Orleans has a 300 xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx it has more than 35,000 xxxxxxxxx listed on the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx Historic Places. It is xxx birthplace of Jazz, xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx’x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx to art; and xx xx xxxx xx xxx oldest opera xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx addition, xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx facilities, New Orleans is one of xxx xxx three culinary destinations in the xxxxx due

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