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Which one do you think should done firstly? Facebook or homework, homework or Facebook. I know it's not easy to Decide .. hehe: D, well, if you are confused which one should you prioritize in advance, then below are a Facebook status ideas about homework to posted to your Facebook's wall and shared with your friends. However find out more interesting statuses ideas in this blog with various of topics where you can click here, or type the keywords on "Search Box", enjoy!
homework kills trees! like this post if you think that homework should be banned if you don't like this post its obviously that you love homework (boffins)

I should be doing homework . . . ooooo! look facebook!

is wondering...y is it that teachers get mad when they have to give up there weekend to grade papers when they r the ones who assigned it??

Dear homework:. I hope you get hit by a buss!!

And then God said, "Let there be Facebook so that no teenager can get his or her homework done."

What I've learned from my many hours of studying today; studying makes me grouchy!

Teacher: Wheres your homework?? Student: At home. Teacher: Why?? Student: Because its HOMEwork. So it should be at home.

Hey math, I just solved all your problems. What now? Huh? HUH? Yeah, that's what I thought.

homework homework homework... then I'm going to do a bit more homework.

Dear Teachers, I DID NOT eat that kids homework. They were on facebook all night. Sincerely, Innocent Dog

What would homework be without Facebook to distract you? Well for one, probably an A...

liked homework a lot more when it was called coloring!

Okay here is the true meaning of Homework H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K = Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge

Can somebody PLEASE invent a homework fairy? It needs to do my homework for me. I would love you forever!!

I have a date with Homework tonight. Don't wait up!

To The Teacher : Will anyone be Punished for something he didn't do ? The Teacher : No , of course not . Me

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: Oh OK then , I didn't do my Homework :)

I just love taking home homework, telling yourself you'll do it as soon as you get home: Get home. Throw bag on floor. Get on Facebook. ^-^

Dear Math, you have problems and you solve it, i don't wanna. they are your problems, not mine.

is trying to shove his homework into the computer hoping it will come out printed with all the right answers

I liked homework back when all you needed to worry about was staying inside the lines :-/

please do me right now. On the kitchen table. On the bed. On the couch. Shoot ill even take on the floor in front of the TV. Just do me.Sincerely your homework

Dear Homework, I'm tired of doing u. Ur getting old and I just can't please you anymore. I'm always wrong... I think we should see other people! Bahahaha ;D*.*

homework, homework, homework, and I am on Facebook instead...wrong kind of book...I should be reading my _____ book instead. (insert homework book)

really wishes u were my homework...I'd throw u on the table, u would be really hard, n i would do you all night to make sure you were finished...

math and English had an affair. how else did we get algebra?

homework - fomework - famework - facework - facewook - Facebook!

is tried of doing homework and would like someone to give his a reason not to do it. leave idea's below. PLEASE HELP BEFORE MY BRAIN IS TURNED TO MUSH.

is buried under a pile of textbooks and energy drinks miles high, trying to claw his way out. Please send help!

is buried under a pile of textbooks and energy drinks miles high, trying to claw his way out. Please send help!

aah. school, the place with teachers, homework, and DRAMA!!!

I think I'd honestly prefer an hour more school per day then have all this homework...

Dear Math, Please grow up and learn how to solve your own problems! I have my own to solve! Your problems are too freaking hard to solve! Please just go way!

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