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Overall hunter success was 66 percent, with each hunter spending an average of 4.4 days in the field. continue reading ›

Hunters spent more than $682.7 million and anglers spent over $271.3 million. Trappers, wildlife viewers and boaters were also big spenders with a combined contribution of almost $140 million. continue reading ›

March decision that neither outdoors enthusiasts nor private landowners have the right to the water has reintroduced uncertainty into an already complex problem of how South Dakota's non-meandered lakes should be used. continue reading ›

Bear hunt applications available; deadline is Friday, May 5. continue reading ›

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Hone your skills in bird tracking and identifying other sign for better gobbler hunting during the long days of spring. continue reading ›

Change could mostly affect out-of-state hunters, who plan in advance and might be leery of scheduling later in the year due to wintry weather. continue reading ›

The snow goose migration was picking up earlier this week, with the arrival of some juvenile geese that were making their way north as last week’s snowfall melted in southwestern Minnesota and east-central South Dakota. continue reading ›

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With smarter, wilier toms afoot these days, should hunters season their turkey blinds before a spring gobbler hunt? continue reading ›

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Winners who couldn’t attend awards ceremony and did not receive a ribbon or first-place Cabela’s gift card should contact Eric Meyer at (763) 537-3326. continue reading ›

A conditional season in zone 1 will open March 21 for hunters to pursue the additional five mountain lions that were not taken during the early season. The zone 1 early season

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quota was eight, and only three were taken. continue reading ›

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Poacher chased the deer about 9 miles. The deer antlers green score exceeded 200 inches. continue reading ›

Currently, the most serious penalties currently kick in with $5,000 in restitution value and result in five years of lost privileges. continue reading ›

Season will no longer open on the second Saturday in October, which had been the case for more than 20 years. continue reading ›

Anglers and hunters may purchase new licenses starting today at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department website and at more than 140 vendor locations throughout the state. continue reading ›

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State has been working to create the 400-plus page plan for almost two years. continue reading ›

Applications are available online now, with paper applications scheduled to arrive at vendors by March 10, and the deadline to apply for the hunts is March 22. continue reading ›

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While giving sportsmen and women the chance to celebrate the tradition of hunting, show also will give them an opportunity to learn about issues that ultimately could affect their outdoor pursuits. continue reading ›

Remaining licenses will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis beginning March 15. continue reading ›

Snow goose migration gets kick start. continue reading ›

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The statewide meetings, over the Iowa Communications Network to listen to the public's thoughts on hunting and trapping regs, are part of the process for making rules in state government. continue reading ›

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Combination national consumer show, habitat seminar series and family event draws over 30,000. continue reading ›

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