Preliminary Research Proposal Outline

Preliminary Research Proposal Outline

If you are preparing an application form to enroll in a Masters by research or Ph.D. course, you need to submit a preliminary research proposal along the guidelines provided below. If you send in your application without a research proposal the final decision will be delayed.

  1. Introduction
  2. �State your research problem first!
    �Next, explain the background to the research problem.
    �Further justify the proposed study.
    �List the issues that emerge from the research problem.
  3. Literature Review
  4. �Summarise the main findings reported on your chosen topic by others.
    �Make sure you list these readings in References at the end of the proposal.
  5. Proposed Theoretical Model
  6. �(This section is particularly critical for Ph.D. applicants) Link findings from the Literature Review with your own ideas. That is, what do you see as your contribution to the topic under study? Are there any hypotheses to be tested?
  7. Research Design
  8. �Data: where will you collect the data you need for

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    the project? If data cannot be collected, you cannot finish your project and graduate!
    �Methodology: Will you have to develop new variables to measure the proposed constructs or models? Which statistical techniques are most likely to be suitable for testing your data? Do you plan to set up a mainly quantitative or qualitative study or something in between? Are you thinking of using case studies, surveys or some other method?

  9. Expected Outcomes
  10. Timeline
  11. �Different stages of your proposed study e.g. data collection, testing, writing up etc., must be indicated on a timeline. In other words, you need to visualise the whole project from inception to completion.
  12. Budget
  13. �Be as specific as possible in identifying various costs of your study. You also need to specify where you intend to find the funds for various activities.

Ph.D. (Doctorate) candidates are encouraged to write about 4,000 words and the Masters' candidates about 2,000 words. Longer submissions are acceptable as well.

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