Sample Research Proposal on ICT

Students who study informational technologies have a chance to prepare a research paper on ICT and demonstrate their knowledge of the discipline. In order to do it they have to impress their professor that the topic is worth investigation with help of high-quality logical research proposal. The topic is quite complicated and needs profound research, so students often need good help with the composition of a good proposal and join a great number of websites which contain free examples of research proposals on ICT prepared by professional writers. Unfortunately, it is extremely problematic to find a well-organized sample, as a great number of such papers is of poor quality and prepared by amateurs, who are not the experts in the topics they describe. Still, if you manage to find a good model for writing, you will manage to complete the best proposal on your own.

Information and communication technology (ICT) is one of the most perspective spheres nowadays, because information is even more valuable than money. In order to enable people create, exchange all kind of information (from pictures, and presentations to audio and video data) much has been done. Scientists, programmers have worked out various kinds of software, which makes the process of data exchange easier, faster and cheaper. Today people have understood the value and importance of ICT and a range of schools and universities based on training the professionals in this sphere are opened all over the world (mostly

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in the highly developed countries). IT Professionals are highly praised, because information rules the world and everybody understands it. Without the high level of IT, proper development of business and any kind of organization is impossible, because advertising, trade, data exchange – everything is regulated by IT. A successful research proposal on ICT should be logical, informative and convincing. If you manage to convince the professor that the topic is worth investigation, you will receive the right to investigate it deeply. So, prepare a strict structure and logically present all points you are going to research; present questions which can be treated like problematic ones and prove you can solve them effectively.

Writing a research proposal of ICT projects read as much as possible about the question to know the topic better. Start from the history of IT, its development, describe the modern situation and present your own vision of the problem. Introduce whether something should be improved and offer how to do it effectively. In order to organize a well-composed proposal read free samples of research proposals on ICT in the Internet and borrow wise ideas of the professional writers for the creation of your own successful paper.

Sample Research Proposal on ICT

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