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Author: megerild from Tallinn, Estonia
30 January 2008

I hope the makers of this movie are happy, they made me waste 1,5 hours of my life a left me puzzled with greatest question of all time: will there ever be a movie thats worse then this? I have to say I started watching this movie with skeptic thoughts in my mind, but not even in my worst nightmares would I have seen what was before me. The dialog is a waste of breath, they could have had "Band X" play random songs for 1,5 hours on top of the movie instead of the dialog and it would have made exactly the same amount of sense. The special effects are like from the 80-s, and even then they would have been below average, the acting is below zero. This movie was actually so bad it forced me to register to IMDb so I could rant about it so at least it achieved something good. The only time I could recommend spending time with this movie is ... well lets face it: never.

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Author: saurabh kr from India
4 February 2008

Its a doomsday not for the all humankind but to the ill fated ones who are doomed to watch it. A real disaster starting from misguided storyline,dumb acting,pathetic dialogues and supreme bad direction. The dialogues are real crap. one is "The world is falling apart and so i want to know you are safe"..And the special effects reminds me of some late seventies movies .I mean some of them had much better effects. Starts with doomsday countdown of your patience and unlike the world's fate (saved of course by talking to god )u are out of any patience. Uff pathetic.. give me back my lost 90 minutes.. I am planning to invest in inventing time travel to get it back.. Never ever watch it..if u dare u will have your doomsday...

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Author: Tiago Capristano from Portugal
27 February 2008

This is a bad film.The plot is the most idiotic thing I remember watching in a long time.The "god message" takes form after 15 minutes of watching, so you end up waiting just one more minute because you just cant believe what you're seeing.There's some amazing bad acting going on, like people talking in panic for almost no reason, or doing the most absurd things. Even plain cell phones work in the jungle.Its a film made for people with short horizons and no brains. Its an excuse to spread the "word of god". And its done in the dumbest, lamest, least appealing way.

...and I do love all genres of cinema.

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Author: slash-strike from Romania
2 February 2008

When i first started watching this movie I taught to myself "how bad can it be?! it will be at least a decent watchable movie .." . I was wrong .This movie is just horrible . Everything in it is badly done , including the acting . I doubt there is one thing anyone will like about this movie . I can even say it is the worst movie I have seen in my entire life ! I have never rated a movie with 1 until now.I just want to know : was this a low budget movie ? Because if it was I would somehow understand why I was put trough this horror of watching this movie . Special effects are like in the '50s , the acting is like of 10 year old kids , the attention to details is non existent , the background sound is probably from another movie . And this is only the stuff i can think about now .

I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone , not even the people i hate .. If you think of watching this movie DON'T ! Skip directly to "Cloverfield" if you want to see a new good action movie . I know i should have done the same !

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Author: mt3355 from United States
6 February 2008

I couldn't spoil anything because there is nothing to spoil. Words could not convey the ......... of this film. You see I can't even find a word to say how bad

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it is. I can't believe when they were making the film or even writing it, that they couldn't see they were making a mistake. The actors seem to be trying to act as badly as possible. The story line is right out of the Sunday morning Davy and Goliath writers trash bin. You can't say this film is good for nothing, it can always be used as a good example of a bad film.When I think of the money lost and the time I wasted I want to cry. If the story is true, they should have spared us and released it on 12-25-2012

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Author: fastrack625 from New York, NY
11 February 2008

This film is the worst piece of biblical garbage i have ever seen. I really wish that i had looked it up on here first to save myself the pain of watching it. The acting is horrible, and the story is even worse. The CG parts are trash, not even suitable for those "TV movies" that they make for the sole purpose for TV, like the Poseidon adventure that was on NBC. However, at least that movie had a suitable storyline to make up for the bad acting and unsatisfying graphics. I would gladly be forced to watch black and white TV for the remainder of my life than have to watch this piece of trash again. Sorry to all you believers out there...

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Author: Fist4jesus from Australia
10 February 2008

Don't bother. Complete waste of time with no redeeming features. Some of the effects are passable I suppose, but the scrip and the wooden acting combined with the mixed mess of the basic religious undertones...yuck.The music sucks, the pacing sucks, read the other comments and stay far away, the only reason to watch this would be with a few friends, some beer and for free as something to laugh at.

Silly string rain, computer graphics probably done in paint, text overlays with typing noise, generic characters,silly string used as "rain" text cant really express just how bad this thing is.

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Author: charlesdias from Brazil
7 February 2008

This movie promises something interesting but just delivers Christian religious propaganda, poor CGI effects, far-from-good actors and a very cliché story.I'm really unable to understand why people would spend money to film a movie like that, it's a waste of money, just it. Perhaps some people gets some nice tax reduction investing in films like that because I doubt it makes enough money to worth the trouble.

If you want some religious propaganda plus wasting your time and money, feel free to rent/buy and watch this movie. I you want a good advise, rent another movie and never think about this one, even if it's in the bargain basket.

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Author: JHerculano
2 February 2008

Should have been alerted by the "Christian Epic" reference, thought it was an apocalyptic movie in the line of the 7th Sign. It indeed deals with the end of the world and the usual heroes that somehow convince God through some ordeal that He should let us apes live a little longer. But where movies like the 7th Seal grip you by script and acting, this one will bore you to tears. Acting is awful, the dialogs are out of bad evangelical early morning TV, plot and subplot lines make no sense at all. You'll need a lobotomy to watch this one with anything other than utter boredom and a sense that Armageddon must indeed be near for something like this to be thought of, let alone be produced.

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Author: laci27 from Romania
15 February 2008

Features of this movie: bad acting , visual effects made with a home PC, bad directing, useless talk scenes, bad screenplay, bad dialogs (where the writers on strike?! - actually they were... and you can tell!), fake rain made with a bunch of shower heads, very bad casting and totally random music.

With a decent cast, screenwriters and a director, it would have been a 7+ movie. This looks like something you can make with your friends, a PC and a handy-cam. Actually NO, I've seen much better short films on Youtube. Total waste of my time. This movie is even worst then 'The Helix... Loaded'.

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